Manufacturing Software
 Ashlar Vellum Version 8 Zenon 3-D Solid Modeling CAD
 Gibbs Cam

CNC Manufacturing
 Haas VF-1 16x20 Vertical Machining Center
 Haas VF-2 16x30 Vertical Machining Center
 YAM CK-2 Turning Center with Hydraulic Tailstock
  8" Chuck
  6.5" X Travel
  17 Z Travel

Conventional Machining
 2) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines - Digital Read Out Digital Readout
 Burgmaster Production Turret Drilling and Tapping Machine
 Saso 42" Horizontal Milling Machine
 LeBlond 19 x 72 Engine Lathe-Digital Read Out-completely tooled
 #3 Warner & Swasey Turret Lathe-pot chucking-bar feed
 Rivett 2nd Operation High Speed lathe-bar feed
 Harding DSMA Automatic lathe-bar feed
 Landis Head Pipe and Bold Threader 2" Capacity

 Weideman Programmable 2550 Turret Punch
  25 ton
  30 Station 40 x 50 Table
 Piranha 50-Ton Ironworker
  55 ton Mechanical Press
  (3) OBI Mechanical Presses
 DoAll 13" x 16" Automatic Horizontal Band saw
  Rockwell 20" Vertical Band Saw
 Verson 15-Ton X 4 ft Press Brake
  12 Ga x 50" Shear
  Pedrick MA-3 High Production Pipe & Bar Compression Bender
 1/4 x 4 ft Initial Pinch Rolls
  24 Ga x 3 Ft Hand Slip Rolls
 Miller 250 Synchrowave TIG Welder
  (2) Miller MIG Welders

 Royson 12 x 24 Vibratory Parts tumbler
 Heat Treating Furnace
  Binks Paint Spray Booth

Grieb Manufacturing Company, INC.
Chestertown, Maryland 21620
Since 1969
© 2004
Grieb Manufacturing Company, INC.
All Rights Reserved
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